Rules to Understand When Doing the Slow Carb Diet

Following the slow carb diet is said to be effective for people who wish to lose weight. The rules are quite easy to follow. You just need to follow the list of foods that you could eat for six days and you have one day a week when you can eat anything you want. Within those days when you are not allowed to eat foods outside the list, you need to follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, this diet would not work.

Some people following the slow carb diet also believe that you should be careful with what you consume even during that one day when you are allowed to anything. Do not let yourself be consumed by that day since you could have a hard time going back to your slow carb diet.

If this is something you wish to try now, these are a few rules you need to remember.

White carbs are a big no

You need to avoid white carbohydrates. It includes anything made from flour such as pasta, cereals and bread.

If you wish to increase your strength when working out, you are allowed to eat white carbs within 30 minutes after finishing a workout. At that point, your body is still capable of processing what you took.

However, if your goal is to lose weight, you need to get rid of white carbs altogether.

Eat the same few meals

Consistency is key if you wish to successfully follow this diet techniques. According to this diet, even if there are thousands of food to choose from, there are only a few of them that will not cause weight gain.

You can mix and match the foods on the list if you want, but you need to stick with that list. It is perhaps the most difficult part of this diet since you need to eat from a limited number of choices.

Get rid of sweetened drinks

You will not lose weight if you still drink sweetened tea or soda in your diet. Drink plenty of water instead to replenish your thirst.

You also need other calorie-free beverages like unsweetened tea. These sweetened beverages provide no nutritional value and must be avoided.

Avoid fruits

It might come as a surprise to you since almost any type of diet would be okay with fruits. However, fruits are a source of fructose, and you want to avoid sugar as a part of the diet.

If you intend to lose weight, having sugar in your blood could delay it. Instead, you will experience increased fat levels and low fat-burning capacity.

Be ready to change

It will be difficult for you to follow this diet technique given the limited options. If you decide to pursue this plan, you need to ready with what lies ahead.

You also need to prepare to exercise since restricting your diet alone would not suffice.

Some people expressed their satisfaction with this diet technique. You can try it and see how it goes.